Assets subsystem

Do you need to keep records for tangible and intangible long-term asset posting and management?

Assets, stock, Bar codes

The Assets module includes record-keeping, tangible and intangible long-term asset posting and management - formerly ZP (long-term asset records), tangible and intangible small-value long-term asset posting and management - formerly PPS and DKP (small-value asset records) and assets recorded in the operative books.

The Assets module also supports asset bar codes.It is used to perform an inventory by collecting and evaluating asset data based on identified inventory labels with bar codes using a Pocket PC type portable computer equipped with a bar code reader.

The Stock module allows the user to keep stock records for multiple stocks via the FIFO method or mean price method. All standard operations such as receipt, issue, transfer, correction voucher and more can be carried out with stock supplies. Stock takes according to valid legislation can be performed for the stock. Users can also create an overview for the current status at the end of any of the previous periods via file or print report. Orders can be issued to suppliers for delivering materials. In the process, the application also tracks the stock status and includes the option of defining minimum stock.

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