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Allow us to introduce a few interesting solutions from our partners. Financial Control, Metropolitan Police solution, Flux,...

HELIOS CROSEUS - Financial Control

A solution by DYNATECH - HELIOS CROSEUS is designed for approving documents pertaining to orders, invoices, payment orders etc. in compliance with Act No. 320/2001 Coll. on Financial Control. The module allows for the recording of preliminary and subsequent financial controls for individual financial and asset operation. The outcome of the approval process is a detailed audit trace, which contains a full sequence of steps taken and all relevant documents in the form of an annex.

Benefits for you

  • Cloud solution available
  • Modern graphic user interface
  • Paper format replaced by electronic format
  • Registration of all types of documents in one place
  • Automating the financial control and making the process more efficient
  • Electronic signature and time stamp support
  • Audit trace in PDF/A-3A format including annex
  • Full legislation and methodical requirement support
  • Linked to the financial plan
  • Support for all stages of financial control
  • Financial controlling and reporting

HELIOS ERIS – solution for the Metropolitan Police

HELIOS ERIS provides a solution for managing the complete agenda of the Metropolitan and Community Police, offering multi-level surveillance, a mobile application and connection to the general IS. 

The system is derived from long-term experience from standard metropolitan police work and was created in cooperation with metropolitan police officers and its representatives.

The primary goal, when designing the information system, was simple implementation, which meant easy system installation as well as updates. User-friendliness and minimized demands for data collection were particularly considered.

Benefits for the police

  • Complex event processing (photo, audio, video attachment system)
  • Visualization and support for field watch
  • Visualization of the camera system and alarm receiving centre
  • Shift planning and management
  • Online overview of events and maps
  • Simplifying and expediting processes
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Registries adjustable per user
  • Data export and import

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