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Effective operating agenda management? From Cemetery agendas to evaluation tools in the form of Business Intelligence.

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Contracts, Cemetery agenda, Business Intelligence...

The HELIOS Fenix information system also offers other products for the effective functioning of your business. The Contracts module provides users with complex electronic contract records. It supports the process of preparing and approving contracts, manages the contract life cycle including addenda or changes of the contractual partner, automatically watches for the end of the contract and the subsequent renewal or termination of contractual relations.

Business Intelligence allows users to analyse the organization's data from many perspectives and in various relations. From a global perspective on the entire organization, you can reach a detailed conclusion why some of the organization's results do not correspond with expectations and plans. It leads managers to make the right decisions. Data is plotted in graphs that will provide more information than lengthy investigations of numbers.

The Cemetery agenda provides complex information support for keeping records for and managing cemeteries. This particularly includes records for graves, grave lessees and co-lessees, communication between them, preparing and registering lease agreements and service agreements for related services and a line of other functions. This module of the HELIOS Fenix information system has been designed in compliance with the provisions of Act No. 256/2001 Coll., on Funeral Services, in particular with the requirements of this Act for registration associated with operating public cemeteries and with the provisions of this Act for using cemetery locations.

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