Administration subsystem

Well-organized and intuitive tracking of data for the current process.

Offences, Building office, Verification and Legalization, Election organization...

All features of the HELIOS Fenix administrative agenda subsystem have been outlined as an effective and integrated tool. They are closely linked not only within the office's internal operations (e.g. area management => building procedure => approval with the building office),yet also mutually amongst each other (e.g. the building office issues a zoning and planning decision regarding the building location, which is followed-up by the road and highway authority and the building permit is issued) and HELIOS Fenix information system registries (registry of the population, economic entities, regional identification, real estate cadastre, office organizational structure, file service). With the exception of the real estate cadastre, all links to the mentioned registries are mandatory.

The complexity of the solution can be documented on the process of working with information in a sequence, from start to finish, including the sharing of information and using it in other processes.

  • Well-organized and intuitive tracking of data for the current process. The user can always choose the activity, which he or she would like to perform at the given time, from the list. The application does not limit the user in his or her work, it merely informs the user when the sequence of activities is incorrect.
  • It does not depend on the type of process being conducted, which leads to easier control of the application and therefore reduces the demands on the user. The controls and methods are the same for users, whether they are conducting a building procedure, approval or any other process.
  • Information from other, previous processes can be used to enter information about the current process. The application provides "sample solutions" prepared especially for this purpose.
  • All administrative agendas are linked with Basic registries. The user can, therefore, comfortably check reference data for participants in the process, affected authorities and other persons including their addresses.
  • The process, which is transferred to the archive, is always available to users upon becoming effective, but in read-only format. This means that additional edits in the database will not be possible for archived processes.

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