Do you know your customers well enough? We will help you build long-term strategic relationships with them.

A quality CRM gives you the opportunity to learn, understand and predict customer needs. The solution analyses their behaviour, determines trends and is, therefore, an essential aid for long-term and short-term planning.

What can CRM help with?

  • Identifying potential customers
  • Obtaining, classifying and utilizing information about customers 
  • It makes communication between the company and client more transparent
  • It helps make the marketing campaign more effective
  • It helps in managing sales representatives and partners
  • It is linked with MS Outlook (e-mail, calendar), MS Word and Excel

CRM for repair and service management

  • Implementation of business cases (can also be realized independently by using other modules, e.g.: Project management, Production)
  • Requirement records (control)
  • Classification of repair activities
  • Complaints
  • Regular customer visits
  • Assigning tasks for repair technicians
  • Planning regular inspections, reviews
  • Tracking repair costs
  • Evaluating sales of spare parts and services

CRM for marketing management

  • Identifying market potential
  • Developing the marketing plan (from strategy to individual tasks)
  • Planning, management and evaluation of marketing campaigns
  • Obtaining, classifying and utilizing information about customers with the aim of improving care taken for them
  • Tracking customer marketing activities
  • Tracking product marketability based on individual aspects (centres, regions, contracts, employees)

CRM for business process management

  • Tracking business opportunities
  • Activity records
  • Business contract planning
  • Evaluating business opportunities
  • Sales representative activities
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Opportunity success rate

Products that use HELIOS CRM:

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