HELIOS Intelligence

Utilize company data perfectly and get the information you need to make your decisions.

HELIOS Intelligence will allow you to understand and monitor the current company efficiency, plan future business strategies and process large data files.

Key benefits of HELIOS Intelligence

  • effectively analyses various types of information from many different perspectives and in different contexts
  • quickly generates the information necessary for taking decisions related to business opportunities, order management or company management
  • provides prepared "views" of key information regarding the functioning of your company, which can be inserted and further published in other documents, intranets or presentations
  • presents data from any part of the system in transparent graphs and tables in the HELIOS Intelligence browser
  • provides a cross-system view of the data (sales, stock, book-keeping and others)
  • enables the saving of a modified view of selected data
  • breaks data down into detailed items using the drill-down method and vice versa, groups them using the drill-up method
  • designed not only for managers but also for workers on all levels within the company

Reporting, Planning, Forecasting, Modelling

  • possibility to build complex interlaced plans to reflect long-term and, subsequently, also short-term overviews of future company development
  • fixed and modifiable links between individual plans from the user's perspective (changes to the organizational structure, new products, services etc.)
  • possibility to create multiple versions of plans by simple data acceptance and links from the previous version
  • plan updates to accommodate new conditions and comparisons between versions
  • forecasts combining actual and planned data
  • functions allowing the user to model the impacts of changes in all significant factors for both the field of costs and revenue, profit and loss statement, as well as the field of assets and liabilities, including the impacts on cash-flow management

Products that use HELIOS Intelligence:

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