HELIOS Workflow

Save time and energy by making company processes more effective.

The HELIOS Workflow will help you simplify and accelerate individual activities in your company.

Key benefits provided by Workflow

  • Automating and managing processes throughout the entire company, simple tracking of the document flow through the process and status of processing
  • Monitoring selected processes and effects (e.g. monitoring the maturity of invoices etc.)
  • Managing the document flow within the company (e-mails, contracts, offers, orders etc.)
  • Implementing electronic approval processes
  • Checking the current status and the unambiguous identification of responsibility
  • Worklist – user overview with current open items
  • Defining the workflow processes and nodes for each user or user roles
  • Notifications based on random conditions (overdue invoices, guarantee/warranty expiration)
  • Notifications outside of the system, e.g. via text message or e-mail including a direct link to the system

Basic features of Workflow

Monitoring processes

  • tracking the status of system records
  • they run through records in pre-defined cycles
  • they monitor important data
  • they provide information at all management levels

Approval processes

  • control the company document flow and its complete processing
  • They eliminate delays in the approval process
  • They support electronic communication
  • They allow redirections in the event of holidays or sickness

Products that use HELIOS Workflow:

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