Mechanical production

The solution for mechanical engineering enterprises automates a large number of processes associated with the production activities of the production company. This, in particular, relates to process engineering, production management and planning, logistics, economics, asset management, sales, invoicing, bank communication, etc.

Electrical production

A solution for companies engaged in development and, primarily, in production for the power industry. It is designed for both end manufacturers ("processors") as well as basic manufacturers.

Food Industry and Beverage Production

Proven solutions for the field of food and beverage processing. Management and production planning is supported by features for creating production orders based on sales requirements, or planning, respectively.


The specific requirements of construction companies are resolved in Helios systems with a special module, RSV - Building production control. This module covers all processes related to the construction contract, starting with the monitoring of potential orders, to the business phase and implementation, through until after the warranty period.

Chemical, rubber, plastic manufacturing

A specialized ERP solution, which contains all the functionality you need for the easy and quick implementation within enterprises engaged in production and supply for the plastic, chemical and rubber industries.


A special solution for farmers who need a tool for managing and monitoring statuses, calculations of results in the course of changing climate conditions, in which they strive for achieving maximum production.

Foundry industry

The foundry industry is specific with its link to metallurgy. The MRP in this sector shall be modified with respect to the limit capacities of casting equipment to optimize furnace and casting equipment operation


HELIOS information systems present a flexible solution for companies of all sizes engaged in the most diverse areas of the production and engineering industries.

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