Security agencies

Are you involved in investigative and security operations? The HELIOS information system will take care of the production, installation or service of security, surveillance and monitoring systems.

Service companies

A system for companies engaged in providing service operations will help you providing helpdesk services, complete records of installed equipment, respecting SLA conditions, regular maintenance, planning service action and many other agendas.


The solution is specified for companies trading within the EU required to report data for Intrastat. Companies trading in countries, which require going through customs, will also appreciate the system.

Transport and shipping services

The Transport and Shipping Services information system is particularly designed for companies, the activities of which require trucks or cars and mechanisms, whether it be for their primary field of business or for overhead purposes.

Real estate

A solution for companies engaged in real estate sales, real estate valuations and developer projects.

Technical services

A specific solution for organizations established by public administration institutions aiming to provide public utility services within relevant locations, in particular the administration and maintenance of city-owned assets and also providing services for citizens as well as for entrepreneurs.

Media, publishing houses

A sophisticated solution for TV broadcasting and publishing house sector covers many specific processes and requirements.

Accounting, auditing services

The solution is designated for companies engaged in book-keeping, payroll, human resources or provide provide tax advice consulting or auditing services. Users will appreciate the simple and quick controls.


HELIOS information systems introduce a flexible solution for administrative and service organizations of all sizes.

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