A complex solution for retail companies. It includes all necessary company agendas and connections to all important areas, such as economics, stock, cash desk sales etc. within one system.


All HELIOS information systems information systems are prepared to support e-commerce sales. This way, you will give your customers the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their homes, depending on their individual needs and wishes.

Energy Trading

A specialized solution for Energy Trading. Everything you need for energy to be supplied to your home.

Store – Groceries and Chemicals

Specific solutions for the sale of groceries, beverages and chemicals. Includes all necessary company agendas and the interconnection of all important, associated areas, such as economy, warehousing, register sales, etc., in a single system.

Car and machine sales

The integrated information system for car dealerships, used car dealers and machine dealers covers a wide range of customer needs to manage all processes. The solution is completely unique for every customer and complimented to satisfy, for example, the requirements for interconnection with supplier systems, workflows and existing company processes etc.

Sales of Building and Metallurgic Materials

Solution for sales of building and metallurgic materials includes all necessary company administration and the interconnection of important areas, such as the economics, warehousing, register sales, etc., associated with these, all in a single system.

Travelling retail

The solution is designated for sales booths having temporary stations, mobile retail facilities, seasonal retail or selling outside in front of the building.


HELIOS information systems present a flexible solution for business organizations of all sizes.

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