Are you still using HELIOS Green?

We heard to the needs of the hundreds of Czech companies and designed a new system which
responds to current challenges. Thanks to the new functionalities and better interface HELIOS
Nephrite will help your company not only today, but also in the future. The world is changing,
but HELIOS Nephrite is one step ahead of these changes.

Immediate improvements, you get by switching to HELIOS Nephrite

Modern and intuitive environment

Clear reports and monitoring

Easier teamwork

"We want to be among the first in everything, therefore the transition was a clear choice. We look forward to, that HELIOS Nephrite will continue to grow together with us."
Jan Hajič IT manager Albi Česká republika a.s.
“We see a big one in HELIOS Nephrite potential for use in new areas, which we want to integrate into its environment. We expect improvements in ergonomics at the work of users and we want to offer through Nephrite to our suppliers and online information customers, which were not commonly available."
Jan Polách IT manager Tereos TTD

What makes Nephrite better today?

Improved Workflow

Who is next? Who and when
already approved and where
did it get stuck? Improved
workflow with graphics
the interface makes it easier for
you to find your way as well as
the transfer of tasks.

Design & UX

No one will ever have to
learn new controls. If you can
with office applications,
you can do it with Nephrite. Each
In addition, the user can design
Nephrite can be customized as

Smart navigation

Necessary information for work
you will always find it easily and
quickly. Intelligent full-text
navigation helps search related
information in the data stored
electronic documents
or in the system documentation.

Web portal

The HELIOS portal makes it
accessible for all employees,
business partners and external
co-workers. Responsive
design brings simplified
environment for working on
a tablet, mobile or borrowed
laptop. Keep Nephrite
anywhere with you.

Communication center

Reduce annoying email
communication and other
communication tools in one
place directly in Nephrite. All
necessary information such as
invoices so you will find it easily
and quickly exactly where they
should be.

Automated helpdesk

Report problems to one button
and stay informed about their
course of processing. You get
fast and clear records of all
requirements and the state of
their solution.

System performance monitoring

Before quantum computers
reality, it is necessary to watch,
measure and prevent power loss
system. New telemetry for you
will help find weaknesses.

Financial planning

Origin, approval but also control
implementation of the financial
plan directly in the HELIOS
Nephrite system. You get it in
real time overview of financial
performance plan for individual
departments, contracts or other
accountants dimensions for the
whole company.

Dashboards and project control

Resource utilization, planning,
follow-up tasks and monitoring.
Graphic project board for you
will help with management and
control entire projects.

Are you interested in change?

Leave us your contact details and we will get back to you and we will give you all the necessary information. We will be happy to show you everything and introduce you to the possibilities of the HELIOS Nephrite system. If you are interested in the demo, do not hesitate to contact us.

+420 244 104 111

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How is the system different from products of our competitors?

We are a traditional company and from the beginning we have been designing the system for Czech and Slovak environments. In addition, we have our own innovation department and are constantly advancing the capabilities of the HELIOS Nephrite system. We pay attention to the functionality and to the real added value created by all innovations. You will receive a really functional solution from us, not just a package of fancy words that you cannot use. 

How is the migration from the HELIOS Green system to Nephrite done?

JIt is simple. Just sign the contract and the transition to the new system will take just a few days. In addition, we guarantee functionality and data retention of all existing Nephrite solutions. 
After migration, you will simply find your old data in the new environment.

How much does Nephrite cost?

We always provide a solution that is tailored to your needs. Without analysis of your processes we cannot estimate the price.  But the benefit to our customers is so crucial that you will already notice a return on your investment during the first years after implementation.

How long does the implementation of the HELIOS Nephrite system take?

Depending on your requirements, we usually talk in the order of months. We emphasize a perfect understanding of all internal company processes, so this part makes up the most of the time required to deploy the product.

How do we know that Nephrite is the optimal solution for us?

Our product portfolio also offers solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Our experts will quickly find out whether your company will benefit from HELIOS Nephrite - the most perfect and complete system on the market. Alternatively, you may benefit from other products where the price-performance ratio will be more beneficial for you.

Is it possible to try HELIOS Nephrite?

Of course. We have prepared a test environment with various data. We can provide this environment for your internal testing so you can get familiar with the capabilities of our Nephrite system. If you are interested in a demo version, please do not hesitate to contact us.