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MOBA Publishing House is one of the most significant and stable companies on the Czech book market. By the number of titles published per year it ranks among the biggest Czech publishing houses. Its books appear in many editions, such as Nordic Crime (“Severská detektivka”), World Crime (“Světová detektivka”), Original Czech Crime (“Původní česká detektivka”), Historical Fiction and Crime (“Historické romány a krimi”), Social Fiction (“Společenské romány”) or Non-Fiction (“Literatura faktu”). The HELIOS Orange information system by Asseco Solutions has been supporting this publishing house in its demanding and beneficial activities since the beginning of 2016.

Prior to implementing the HELIOS Orange comprehensive system this publishing house had been using only an economic system for a few years. However, it lagged behind the needs of an ever-growing company with well-profiled corporate processes, which were to be managed by a comprehensive system.

Petr Lovecký, MOBA Deputy General Manager and Executive Director, comments on the reasons for having acquired an ERP system: "There were two main reasons. The first one consisted in the necessity of running an ERP system which is able to cover all the corporate needs. The other lay in the fact that a comprehensive system can save our paperwork costs and make the view of operational and economic functioning of our company easier."

The implementation was carried out in approximately five months, of which in the last two months in full operation, when especially the program modifications, based on the customer´s requirements, were being solved. The course of the implementation was a standard one, without serious problems, thanks to a thorough preparation. However, the main part of the implementation was finished on 1 January 2016, taking into account the beginning of a new accounting and business period.

Although not a very long time has elapsed since the HELIOS Orange system was implemented at MOBA, Mr. Lovecký is able to specify its benefits as early as now: "First of all, the simplification of the view of the operational and economic functioning of the company is apparent. It is easy to monitor – from a single point – significant financial, sales and economic indicators," he states and adds: "And already now we can see considerable savings of paperwork costs. Although we cannot quantify them precisely for now, our first preliminary estimate is about 750 hours of paperwork saved per calendar year."

The following modules are implemented at MOBA nowadays:
Workflow, Customization Tools, User´s Editors, Bank, Accounting, Cash, Assets, Financial Analysis and Planning, Cash Flow Management, Managerial Interface, Warehouses, Production Numbers and Batches, Offers, Orders and Reservations, Billing, Corporate Activities, Contracts, Payroll and Human Resources.

Mr. Lovecký considers the tools of evaluating the data from the system to be highly interesting ones.

MOBA Publishing House
MOBA Publishing House was established in 1991 in Brno. During 25 years of its existence it has become one of the most significant and stable companies on the Czech book market. After modest beginnings when its production comprised a few titles, their quantity has been growing to reach an annual number of almost 400, which makes MOBA one of the biggest Czech publishing houses. Its books appear in many editions, such as Nordic Crime ("Severská detektivka"), World Crime ("Světová detektivka"), Original Czech Crime ("Původní česká detektivka"), Historical Fiction and Crime ("Historické romány a krimi"), Social Fiction ("Společenské romány") or Non-Fiction ("Literatura faktu").

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Asseco Solutions
Asseco Solutions, a.s. is the biggest producer of company information systems (ERP systems) on the Czech and Slovak markets. Its software applications are distributed on other Central-European markets too. It is engaged not only in the development, but also in the implementation and support of specialized systems for organizational units of any size in miscellaneous spheres of business. The product portfolio ranges from information systems for the broadest array of companies engaged in manufacturing, trading or services through products for the sphere of the public administration to those covering specialized needs of accommodation and catering facilities. All the products are supplemented by a wide range of services and partner programmes and, besides the basic modules and functionalities, they also provide specialized solutions for individual fields, so-called "branch solutions". Asseco Solutions is a holder of the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate and a member of the multinational ASSECO Group.
At the end of the year 2014 Asseco Solutions had the staff of 329 and the 2014 turnover amounted to CZK 444.1 million.

Asseco Solutions Mission
We help companies to be successful in their business. Thanks to our services they can fully engage in their activities, information systems are our task. At any moment we honour the relationships with both our customers and employees, we stick to the reputation of a trustworthy partner.

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