HELIOS Orange for Construction Chemistry

The company Meffert ČR (Meffert Czech Republic) is a traditional provider of a comprehensive range of construction chemicals. It predominantly supplies paints, plasters, stains, industrial coatings and renovation materials by the German mother company Meffert AG. This range is extended by the production of other firms.

When carrying out its activities, the company naturally cannot do without being supported by a superior and comprehensive information system. As early as from 2002 it used a multinational (corporate) information system. However, because of its insufficient support it came to be obsolete and expensive to operate – and mainly it lagged behind the needs of a trading company. In view of these facts, the Meffert management decided to switch from this "old" system to another one, which would fully correspond to the requirements of a growing company. Therefore, since 1 January 2016 Meffert has been using the HELIOS Orange system by Asseco Solutions, which it chose the year before.

The implementation was started as early as in September 2015, thus well ahead of the launch date scheduled.
"Everything was planned very well," says Mr. Ondřej Svačina, Meffert Executive Director. "The launch on 1 January 2016 was secured by the presence of the consultants, with whom operational details were fine-tuned subsequently. Our goal consisted in preventing the change from having a negative impact on customer relations – which we achieved," he adds.

Although the full operation started on the very first day of this year, the implementation was fully accomplished on 30 April 2016. Nevertheless, the benefits of the new system are apparent already, i.e. within a relatively short period, as Mr. Svačina explains: "We mainly appreciate the possibility to communicate with MS Office, the acceleration of processes and the setting of individual displays according to the needs of individual users." As regards financial benefits, he states: "The aim was not to make the staff redundant and dismiss them, but to streamline the process so that we would not have to hire new employees when increasing turnovers. So far this has been met in accordance with the plan."

The following spheres of the HELIOS Orange system have been implemented at Meffert:

• Economy and Financial Management
• HELIOS Controlling
• Warehouse Management and Trade
• CRM and Services
• Wages and Human Resources
• Extension Functionalities (Plugins)

As regards the aspect of a comprehensive solution, the following modules and functionalities belong to the most interesting ones:
• Statements and Reports
• MS Excel Managerial Interface
• HELIOS Intelligence (Dataskop)
• General Imports
• Repayments and Leasing
• Additional Related Costs
• User Editors

It was especially Dataskop that grabbed the attention of the Meffert management, as the managers consider its option of customized setting for each user to be a great benefit when familiarizing themselves with the system and its use.

Meffert ČR (Meffert Czech Republic)
The company Meffert ČR (Meffert Czech Republic) is a traditional provider of a comprehensive range of construction chemicals. It predominantly supplies paints, plasters, stains, industrial coatings and renovation materials by the German mother company Meffert AG, which has been active in this field for more than fifty years. This range is extended by the production of other firms. Thanks to this fact, Meffert provides a complete and comprehensive range of materials for quality surface finishes and coatings of buildings.

For more information please visit www.meffert.cz

Asseco Solutions
Asseco Solutions, a.s. is the biggest producer of company information systems (ERP systems) on the Czech and Slovak markets. Its software applications are distributed on other Central-European markets too. It is engaged not only in the development, but also in the implementation and support of specialized systems for organizational units of any size in miscellaneous spheres of business. The product portfolio ranges from information systems for the broadest array of companies engaged in manufacturing, trading or services through products for the sphere of the public administration to those covering specialized needs of accommodation and catering facilities. All the products are supplemented by a wide range of services and partner programmes and, besides the basic modules and functionalities, they also provide specialized solutions for individual fields, so-called "branch solutions". Asseco Solutions is a holder of the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate and a member of the multinational ASSECO Group.
At the end of the year 2015 Asseco Solutions had the staff of 315 and the 2015 turnover amounted to CZK 451.1 million.

Asseco Solutions Mission
We help companies to be successful in their business. Thanks to our services they can fully engage in their activities, information systems are our task. At any moment we honour the relationships with both our customers and employees, we stick to the reputation of a trustworthy partner.

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The ASSECO Group was established in 2004 by creating a strategic partnership between Asseco Poland (formerly Comp Rzeszów) and Asseco Central Europe (formerly Asset Soft).
The mother company Asseco Poland S.A. is the biggest IT corporation quoted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Economically it ranks among the strongest European software companies – in 2014 it occupied the sixth position in the Truffle 100 rank, which analyses 100 most successful software companies on the basis of own software revenues.
At present the ASSECO Group is an international cluster of prosperous European IT companies. It is present throughout Europe thanks to its regional holdings: Asseco Poland, Asseco Central Europe, Asseco South Eastern Europe, Asseco Western Europe and Asseco Eastern Europe. The activities of the Group outside the European market are carried out by the companies grouped in the Formula Systems holding. These companies are active e.g. in Israel, the USA, Japan and Canada. The ASSECO Group entities provide comprehensive IT solutions for all the economic segments in numerous countries. The pool of its clients is formed both by strong multinational banking and finance corporations, public authorities and international corporations on one hand and by small and medium-sized companies on the other. The ASSECO Group employs over 18.000 persons.

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