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The HELIOS ERP systems by Asseco Solutions fully cover the needs of large-scale, medium-sized and small companies as well as of other economic subjects.


Overview of the HELIOS products,



Perfect and up-to-date overview of the situation on the market. Automation of routine operations. Use tools to operate more effectively and cut costs.



The solution provides the data needed for strategic decision-planning. It will easily adapt to your needs. It covers all branch-specific modules thanks to knowledge of your business model.



The public administration solution is unique in terms of the extensive number of modules that are mutually integrated. It easily adapts to all your needs.

Unick ONE

Unick ONE

Unick ONE connects billing and accounting into one system.



The solution adapts easily to all of your needs, processes your entire agenda.

Other Products

Other Products

Clonet, PartnerLink, Elektronický podpis, časová razítka

Klient VAN operátor - Clonet

Klient VAN operátor - Clonet

Do you need to communicate electronically with the customs office? Clonet is designed to fit all of your needs in this area.



Would you like to make communication with insurance companies and public administration authorities easier? Are you not happy with logging in to each portal separately? PartnerLink will do everything for you.

Electronic signature

Electronic signature

We have been successfully operating as an I.CA. registration authority for more than 10 years. We utilize our experience particularly in fields associated with public administration, customs administration, the Financial Administration office and Czech Social Security Administration.

Time stamps

Time stamps

Do you want to communicate more efficiently? Electronic communication is the right tool. You must not, however, forget important rules.

Iveta Nováková
DSO - Toulovcovy Maštale Proseč

Toulovcovy Maštale Proseč uses the HELIOS Fenix information system.

"For 14 years, we have used HELIOS Fenix together with another ten districts within our community for book-keeping. Applicable law is always guaranteed, and so we are very satisfied with the supplier of the solution."

Bc. Radomír Kodetová
Director of the Regional Library in Pardubice

Regional Library in Pardubice uses the HELIOS Fenix information system.

"HELIOS Fenix makes our jobs easier. We are fully satisfied with the long-term mutual cooperation and services provided in all areas."

Michal Vyhnálek
CEO - TEDDIES s.r.o.

Company TEDDIES uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"HELIOS Orange is a stable and open system, which gives us the opportunity to develop our commercial activities and modernize sales and logistics management."

Case study

Ing. Michal Maurer
CEO of KARBOX s.r.o.

Company KARBOX uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The HELIOS Orange ERP system allows us to deal with the agendas for a large amount of business cases, but also helps us with the implementation of strategic decisions with respect to the innovation of our products."

Ing. Ladislav Sedmák
Managing director - AGROSIS s.r.o.

Company AGROSIS uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"We are trying to apply a precise agricultural system into our manufacturing process, which bears the need to make precise decisions, an impossible task without the perfect basic information system. HELIOS Orange gives us this benefit.“

Case study

Ing. Jiří Valenta
Chief financial officer and member of the board of directors SE-MI Technology, a.s.

Company SE-MI Technology uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"We appreciate the complexity, flexibility and wide administration options that the HELIOS Green system offers. However, being backed by a strong supplier and synergy within the group is just as important to us."

Ing. Pavel Řehák
Secretary at the Vrchlabí Municipal Office

Vrchlabí Municipal Office uses the HELIOS Fenix information system.

"The registry service is always the heart of an office. If it does not function properly, it slows down the office, which then impacts the citizens. We, on the other hand, already have the HELIOS eObec registry service, a service we can trust".

Case study

Tomáš Lédr

Company INDET SAFETY SYSTEMS uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"HELIOS allows us to process more difficult reports for product profitability. OLAP cubes are an example of having a wide field of use at our company."

David Husák
Production director - Brück AM spol. s r.o.

Company Brück AM uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"Despite its complexity, HELIOS Green software can offer flexible solutions, tailored for the specific customer. This makes the system unique and interesting within its category."

Case study

Vlastimil Dytrt
Director - LDM, spol. s r.o.

Company LDM uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"We use the Workflow agenda in HELIOS Green to manage workflows. This helps us eliminate the bottlenecks we face when managing a contract, the entire process is completely transparent and under control.“

Case study

Martin Šak
Managing Director - Železo Hranice, s.r.o.

Company Železo Hranice uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The HELIOS helped us manage the growth of our company and now we can hardly imagine functioning without this system. We use it for over 10 years and we are very satisfied with it."

Michal Vlček
Managing Director - Wimex s.r.o.

Company Wimex uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

We actively use the HELIOS Orange for our entire WIMEX group, in other words, it helps our people in their work in our Czech, Slovak, Austrian and German branches. We appreciate especially the possibility of individual solutions of requirements related to our development.”

Ing. Jiří Seidler
Director - Tepelné hospodářství Hradec Králové, a.s.

Tepelné hospodářství Hradec Králové uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"Our job became much easier thanks to the Energy module in HELIOS Green."

Case study

Mag. Josef Landschützer
Chairman of the Board - STEFE SK, a.s.

Company Stefe SK uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"HELIOS Green is the right choice. It allows covering the dynamically changing requirements of the STEF group companies, directing to the efficient key processes management.”

Reference detail | Case study

Ivo Poštulka
Project engineer - Renetra s.r.o.

Company Renetra uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The advantage of the HELIOS Orange is also the opportunity to work remotely. Company´s employees on business trips mostly acquire information by its intermediary.”

Case study

Petr Škapa
Head of the Customs Department - PST CLC, a.s.

Company PST CLC uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The SW HELIOS and especially the section of customs cases brought our company a security of 100% functionality and on-line adjusting of functions in response to the development of legislation in the areas of customs procedures. A great benefit is then a friendly and flexible user´s interface with intuitive settings for each workflow reviews and outputs. And last, but not least, we must not omit a high quality support by the Hotline Asseco Solution."

Ing. Jan David
Head of project management and ICT - Phoenix Zeppelin, spol. s r..o.

Společnost Phoenix Zeppelin uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"HELIOS Green allows us to obtain comprehensive information necessary for the efficient operation and company management."

Reference detail

Ing. Jiří Janeček
Deputy of Economic Section - National Institute of Education

National Institute of Education uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"By means of creating and running a website functionally and data-interconnected with the HELIOS system, we have achieved a secure and controlled access to several thousand external staff working on various projects. We have completely removed the manual rewriting of worksheets, simplified the administration of workloads and significantly reduced the error rate."

Miroslav Kubík
Director - LOMAX & CO s.r.o.

Company LOMAX & CO uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"Deployment of a new information system has allowed us to optimize business processes and increase the flow of orders in our operations. For example, we estimate an increase in labour productivity up to 20% only due to using the HELIOS Orange."

Reference detail | Case study

Radim Bartoš
Director of Sales - KÁVOVINY, joint stok company

Company KÁVOVINY uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"Records of our recipes in the HELIOS Orange along with records of other input costs provide an updated basis for our business dealings with customers. A flexible evaluation of the customer relations in the Orange HELIOS provides us the necessary basis for further development of our activities in the market.”

Miroslav Dérik
Director - JABLOTRON Slovakia, s.r.o.

Company JABLOTRON Slovakia uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The information system HELIOS Orange speeded up and simplified our activities, and made them more transparent. Now we can better manage business processes, which enable us to fully concentrate on our core business.”

Věra Lukáčová
CEO - HAJDO spol. sr.o.

Company HAJDO uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The HELIOS Orange saved almost 20% of our time. In addition, I case use it anywhere online.”

Reference detail

Ing. Otakar Chochola
Informatics - Fenix Group, a.s.

Company Fenix Group uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The HELIOS Orange manages all key processes and creates sufficient space for dynamic development.”

Reference detail

Michal Dobiš
ICT manager - ELESKO a. s.

Company ELESKO uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The HELIOS Orange system uncompromisingly meets high demands of our company in the management of enterprise information not only in terms of its broad functionality, but also due to the high professional knowledge and a friendly approach to the supplier´s consultants.”

Reference detail

Ing. Zdeněk Krejčí
Executive Director - DOMA - R s.r.o.

Company DOMA-R uses the HELIOS Red information system.

"HELIOS Red managed to cover all processes in the company and in their subsidiaries. After installing and setting up, it can work almost maintenance-free, as we had the opportunity to see ourselves.”

Reference detail | Case study

Michal Bína
Managing Director - CATUS spol. s r.o.

Company CATUS uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"We appreciate very much the option to automatically collect production data from packing machines and mixing devices, recording of actual processing times and assignment of personnel involved in the various manufacturing operations.”

Jan Lánský
Operational and technical director of the company BONTONFILM a.s.


"Web generation of orders and their automatic transfer to the HELIOS system greatly accelerated the distribution process and saved costs for the administration.”

Case study

Ing. Jan Kučera jr.

Company BOHEMIA CARGO uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The HELIOS Orange ERP system allows us to deal with the agendas for a large amount of business cases, but also helps us with the implementation of strategic decisions with respect to the innovation of our products."

Case study

Ing. Jan Hrdina
Director of ASKO, a.s. - Logistics and timber centre

Company ASKO uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"With the HELIOS Green system we can effectively manage over 150 vendors and 3,000 customers.”

Case study

Ing. Jan Mader
Director - Antalon s.r.o.

Company Antalon uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"The HELIOS system has enabled us to create an automatic machine for “handling” orders coming from our E-shops. Due to it, we achieved savings in operating capacity and faster and the process of handling orders became more precise and faster."

Ing. Petr Zika
Chief Financial Officer - KORDÁRNA Plus a.s.

Company KORDÁRNA Plus uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"Deploying the production module has allowed us to allocate actual costs. Thus we can respond to changes and optimize production costs or make bottlenecks more passable."

Reference detail | Case study

Martin Šusta
IT Director - 2N Telekomunikace a.s.

Company 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"Working with the HELIOS Green allows us to flexibly change production techniques. Beneficial is also a very simple system of data gaining for our strategic decisions."

Reference detail

Radek Skalák
Production director - AZ - Pokorný, s.r.o.

Company AZ - Pokorný uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"For almost ten years, the HELIOS Orange is for us an essential support of all business processes. We believe the Helios is indispensable for us.”

Lukáš Bartoň
Controller of the plant - Skanska a.s.

Company Skanska uses the HELIOS Orange information system.

"The HELIOS fully managed to adapt to our requirements, which are necessary for the management of our processes in transport, mechanization, controlling and connectivity to the SAP and RSV systems, and also caught our attention for its user-friendliness."

Case study

Milan Smutný
CFO - Seznam.CZ, a.s.

Company uses the HELIOS Green information system.

"With HELIOS Green we save on the cost of sending paper accounting documents about CZK 1,000,000 per year.”

Reference detail | Case study

Customers using HELIOS



Do you know your customers well enough? We will help you build long-term strategic relationships with them.

More info


HELIOS Workflow

Save time and energy by making company processes more effective.

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HELIOS Intelligence

Utilize company data perfectly and get the information you need to make your decisions.

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HELIOS Orange for Construction Chemistry

The company Meffert ČR (Meffert Czech Republic) is a traditional provider of a comprehensive range of construction chemicals. It predominantly supplies paints, plasters, stains, industrial coatings and renovation materials by the German mother company Meffert AG. This range is extended by the production of other firms.


HELIOS Orange for Superior Mechanical Engineering Products

Metalworking and deliveries in mechanical engineering – this is the core business of MESgroup Czech, a company engaged in manufacturing and trading. Since the end of 2015 the HELIOS Orange information system by Asseco Solutions has been supporting its activities, which are demanding as regards achieving preciseness and meeting customer requests fully.


HELIOS Orange for both Thrilling and Informative Literature

MOBA Publishing House is one of the most significant and stable companies on the Czech book market. By the number of titles published per year it ranks among the biggest Czech publishing houses. Its books appear in many editions, such as Nordic Crime (“Severská detektivka”), World Crime (“Světová detektivka”), Original Czech Crime (“Původní česká detektivka”), Historical Fiction and Crime (“Historické romány a krimi”), Social Fiction (“Společenské romány”) or Non-Fiction (“Literatura faktu”). The HELIOS Orange information system by Asseco Solutions has been supporting this publishing house in its demanding and beneficial activities since the beginning of 2016.

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