HELIOS Easy, it is a guarantee for your business. The system covers the most necessary agendas for entrepreneurs: complete book-keeping, invoicing, bank, asset management, stocks and trade, tracking and evaluating orders, business "processes", CRM, payroll, mail records, and the driver’s report book.


Take advantage of receiving the Cash Desk Sales application for retail, manager's environment for company management and owners, link to ARES or CreditCheck, language versions and more.

Key benefits of HELIOS Easy

We will make the start of your business easier. The solution contains a pre-set system including a database. We offer a full-blown ERP system at an affordable price with the option of easy transition to the higher version of HELIOS Orange without having to provide new training on program control. Take advantage of the wide range of features with the option to easily and quickly obtain additional extra features, modules or just a current new version of the system with HELIOS Store tools.

Basic features and functionality

System core

  • Signing and encrypting PDF
  • Account distribution
  • Czech law
  • Foreign currencies
  • Organizational structure
  • User rights
  • Definition of printing forms
  • Creating external attributes


  • Purchase and sales ledger
  • Accounting statements


Issued and received invoices, Mail records

  • Data boxes

Cash desk


Extra features and functionality:

  • EDI script
  • ARES
  • Creditcheck
  • Scanning plug-in
  • Transferred data liability
  • Cash desk sales
  • Manager environment
  • Intrastat
  • Bank scripts for electronic communication

Company activities (without calendars)


  • Various units of measure
  • Serial numbers
  • Bar codes

Purchasing and sales

  • Offer prices
  • Discounts
  • Summation discounts
  • Bills of material
  • Received orders
  • Issued orders


Driver's report book


Try yourself


For more information, please contact our sales department: + 420 495 809 218.

If you have any technical issues, please call our hotline: +420 244 104 155.

The Trial version is intended for a single user and single company.



Database (1+1)

Database (9+1)


Price for license

Price for system support

Price for license

Price for system support

1 user

CZK 33,333

CZK 7,000

CZK 43,333

CZK 9,000

3 users

CZK 44,444

CZK 9,000

CZK 54,444

CZK 11,000

5 users

CZK 55,555

CZK 11,000

CZK 65,555

CZK 13,000

Additional user

CZK 22,222

CZK 4,000

CZK 32,222

CZK 6,000

System expansion

The following expansion packs can be purchased for the system:

  • Ares
  • Scanning plug-in
  • Cash desk sales
  • Manager environment
  • Intrastat.
  • Language packs
  • Bank scripts for electronic communication

For more information, please contact our sales department.

Purchasing the product

The HELIOS Easy information system can be purchased easily by completing and submitting the form below. This order is binding.

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