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We have been successfully operating as an I.CA. registration authority for more than 10 years. We utilize our experience particularly in fields associated with public administration, customs administration, the Financial Administration office and Czech Social Security Administration.

Types of electronic signatures:

  • Commercial certificates are suitable for commercial use beyond communicating with public authorities which require using qualified certificates. Examples of use include employer certificates, the purpose of which is to ensure secure internal communication between employees, between individual branches and dislocated workstations, or to give employees remote access to company data resources. It can also be used in closed systems, provided an agreement covering the conditions of secure communication between parties is in place.
    Commercial certificates are currently used, particularly for encryption and authentication. This particularly concerns identified access to web servers and transferring encrypted data, both via e-mail address and web forms.
  • Qualified certificates are an integral part of secure communication with public administration and self-government. It complies with all valid requirements defined by the law, particularly the Act on Electronic Signatures and is also standardized within the European Union (European Parliament and Council Directive 1999/93/ES).

A qualified signature can be used for:

    • submitting income statements and expense reports for freelancers
    • applications and cancellations of sickness insurance
    • Value added tax returns
    • electronic communication with public administration
    • electronic communication with regional and municipal authorities
    • electronic communication with health insurance companies
    • requests for welfare benefits
    • submitting requests for EU funding
    • using data boxes


  • Qualified system certificates are particularly used for automated systems using technology based on the principles of electronic signature without the cooperation of a specific physical entity. Using the certificate is linked to a special hardware system.

Qualified system certificates can be used for:

  • Creating electronic signs
  • Verifying electronic signs
  • Secure verification of electronic signs
  • Indisputableness (link between document and subject creating the electronic sign)

More information can be found at http://nzservis.cz

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