Time stamps

Do you want to communicate more efficiently? Electronic communication is the right tool. You must not, however, forget important rules.

Tools for efficient electronic communication include: Electronic signature, Electronic sign and Time stamp.




Time stamps will help you to:

  • confirm the existence of the document at any given time - linking hard information regarding the time and concrete data is indispensable, especially for the purpose of verifying after a period of time.
  • demonstrate the time for electronic documents where needed (for example accounting documents, customs documents, data boxes)
  • improving and accelerating communication with documents in electronic format
  • identify issued and received invoices during the digitization stage and archiving
  • increase security - protecting documents with electronic signature for the electronic archiving of signed PDF and XML files
  • save time, reduce costs on document managing and circulation
  • significantly save the environment


You can find all of the information in our leaflet - Časová razítka.pdf (505 kB)

Get Time Stamps - available packages:
Quantity of stamps/monthPrice for stamp (CZK)Total price (CZK)
10 10 100
30 9 270
50 8 400
100 7 700
300 6,5 1950
500 6 3000
800 5,5 4400
1000 5 5000
1500 4,5 6750
2000 4 8000
5000 3,5 18000
above 5000 individual individual

For more information, please contact our sales department which will gladly provide more details razitka@assecosol.eu.

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