VAN Operator Client - Clonet

Do you need to communicate electronically with the customs office? Clonet is designed to fit all of your needs in this area.

Clonet is software on the client’s side. It manages file transfers to the customs office.

Key benefits:

  • availability at any location via the Internet (from modems to modern wireless connections)
  • lowest possible operating costs
  • high security - CLONET uses SLL encryption at https protocol level (similar to on-line banking)
  • various levels of service available to find the tariff that fits your needs in the best manner
  • immediate service availability - we will connect you and set data transfer during business hours immediately after receiving the order and completed form
  • full network connection (data transfer from all branches through a single point to all of the desired Customs Administration offices)
  • feedback from Customs for each file accepted
  • many verified references

If you are interested in our server, we are glad to answer any questions, please call 311 202 111.

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