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Reliable attendance system for every company

Product line of attendance system, ANeT-Time provides automatically processing of all payroll data based on data obtained from terminals. ANeT-Time enables automatic export of these payroll data to the payroll software. For companies with multiple branches, ANeT-Time allows the central solution of attendance system, that saves time, trouble, but especially costs! The main product of this product line is ANeT-WebTime. ANeT-WebTime is capable of automatically exporting these payroll records to HELIOS systems at specific intervals.

Description of ANeT-WebTime

Personal card

  • All personal information

  • Allows to import a person from a payroll/personal software

  • Assignment of working time model

  • Presence status

  • Creating new employees


  • Planning shifts, vacations, readinesses, absence

  • The plan for organizational centers, individual employee

  • Possibility of multilevel absence approval

  • Weekly and monthly view

  • The calculations always synchronized with planned shifts

Work sheet

  • Overview of hours worked

  • Overview of monthly accounts (rest of vacation, entitlement to a meal ticket, etc.)

  • Overview of premiums

  • Check compliance with the Labour Code

  • Confirm the work sheet

Benefits of ANeT-Time system

Saves costs

Integration of payroll software for automatic export/import attendance/payroll data

Direct integration with HELIOS

Modern web interface that doesn’t require any instalations

Attendance system is available to each employee via a web browser​​​​​​​

Access to the attendance system is available from every place in the world

Check compliance with the Labour code

Depending on requirements and size of your company, you can choose Standard or Enterprise edition:

ANeT-WebTime Standard

  • For small and medium companies

  • Check compliance with the Labour Code

  • Mass processing of worksheets

  • Check the presence of employees at your center, or throughout the company

  • History of all passes

  • Planning shifts, absence, readinesses

  • Overtime and overworking planning

  • Visitor planning, visit card

  • GDPR module

  • Big amount of reports

  • Automatic report sending

  • Individual modules can be added

ANeT-WebTime Enterprise

  • For medium and large companies

  • All features of Standard Edition

  • Contains all additional modules

  • Absence planning

  • Working time account

  • Cost allocation thanks to cost centers

  • Balancing period

  • Daily and monthly account statistics

  • Autocompletion of presence module

  • Meal tickets

Attendance terminals are used to record employee entries in real-time. ANeT attendance terminals are manufactured directly by us, ensuring Czech product quality. These terminals allow customization of entry types on the display as well as the option to pre-set entry types at various time intervals. ANeT attendance terminals offer a choice of 3 languages.

Terminál Tiny Term

Terminál Atlas

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