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Warehousing and logistics 

Do you need to keep a track of your inventory, track the inventory turnover, batches, serial numbers, quality, etc.?

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Logistics – warehouses

  • enables maintenance of inventory (goods, materials) records in individual warehouses and locations
  • assists in valuing the inventory (FIFO, average price) and tracking batch, expiry, serial numbers, quality and variants
  • ensures the flow of all documents for the logistics process (demand, order, receipt, reservation, dispatch, etc.)
  • ensures posting of initial documents directly in default setting
  • enables the management of reject warehouses, commission warehouses and follow-up reports
  • contains a wide range of pricing options – price lists, rebates, bonuses, price levels, quoted prices (both supplier and customer prices can be recorded)
  • performs stock taking and closures of individual warehouses
  • supports packaging reporting
  • assists in creating statistics

Central purchasing

  • enables recording of purchase orders, generation of orders according to optimisation requirements
  • tracks expenses, matching of receipts with invoices received
  • offers the possibility of receiving by barcode or by import
  • allows reserving of goods upon receipt based on customer requirements
  • ensures that orders are linked and covered by receipts


  • records customer requirements
  • generates related sales documents – sales receipt / delivery note, invoices issued, cash receipt, payment (accounting documents)
  • applies pricing, bonus, discounts
  • controls release using barcode
  • connects to the transport module


  • maintains vehicle records
  • plans routes and individual journeys
  • allocates individual documents (enquiry, delivery note, invoices issued) to individual journeys
  • provides evidence of returns
  • evaluates individual deliveries

EDI communication

  • allows sending and receiving standard EDI reports (order, invoice)

Warehousing and logistics in HELIOSproducts


Warehousing processes must run like a well-lubricated machine. No mistakes, precise organisation. If you choose HELIOS iNuvio for this area, you do not have to worry about the result. 

HELIOS Nephrite

Thanks to Nephrite, your warehouse will be even more efficient. And that includes evaluation, thanks to which you will improve your processes and procedures.

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"Thanks to HELIOS iNuvio, we get data from several existing systems under one roof, and thanks to financial analysis, controlling and reporting tools, we are able to work with data efficiently."

Radim Hrnčiřík

HELIOS Nephrite gave us the opportunity to move forward.

"We see great potential in the new product, as it may be used in new areas which need to be integrated into its environment. We expect improvement in the field of user ergonomics, and we would like to offer online information, which would otherwise not be available to our suppliers and consumers through Nephrite."

Jan Polách
IT manager of Tereos TTD


Do you need to have accurate information about production, planned activities and realised orders at any time? We will help you get the information quickly and efficiently.

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Get a clear and quick overview of all economic matters in the company. Do you make key economic decisions for your company? We will give you easy access to the most important information.

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