HELIOS Pantheon

The latest information system for public administration

It is a fully configurable system that adapts to your specific needs.

Main advantages


Easy integration with other systems, so you don't have to perform any task twice.


Interconnected modules based on the processes of the individual types of organisation.

Validation tools

Validation tools prevent errors and duplications across the entire system.

A stable pillar for your organization

We are here to simplify your work as much as possible and provide you with relevant and accurate data, and also to connect other information systems so that you do not have to do anything more than once. At the same time, we want to share our knowledge with you.

  • A compact information system that addresses issues of established organisations, starting with accounting through property agenda all the way to reporting, while allowing you to set individual parameters
  • Focus on business management control and reports provided to individual operators
  • It focuses on digitalisation of the relevant processes and increases effective communication with citizens and organisations
  • A comprehensive economic system that covers special administration agendas dealing with the collection of debt and applicable local fees
  • Easy integration with your existing system

Pantheon has everything you need

Financial inspection and control system

The system supports company / organization management  in accordance with Act No. 320/2001 Coll., on financial inspection and control in public administration, and allows you to monitor the entire process while managing public funds - from the transaction beginning (e.g. order issuance) to its completion (e.g. invoice payment).

Records and document management service

Spiska  document service gives you a comprehensive document management starting with the initial records - when records enter your organization, through processing, all the way to shredding.

Web portal

Our web portal allows you to access your data from anywhere, any time and without the need for any installation. Thanks to responsive interface it does not matter if you use a laptop of your colleague, a tablet or a mobile phone. 

Business Intelligence

BI will help you to extract the most important things from a complex series of numbers used for inspection and analytical purposes, regardless of your location.

Easy data exchange

The HELIOS integration platform allows you to communicate and exchange data with any external system, regardless of its architecture.

Integration of registers 

Integration with public administration registers and with other registries will always provide you with the most up-to-date data. Choose what you really need - ARES, ISZR, Register of VAT Payers, Insolvency Register, Register of Contracts and many more.

We meet your expectations

IT administrator

I expect the system to be secure in terms of operation, open to integration and that it will offer user management and monitoring tools for real-time supervision.

Representative of the organization

I expect that this information system will provide my people with a reliable tool and control mechanisms and that I will be able to get a clear and transparent overview of the company status.

System user

I expect the system to be intuitive and that it will adapt easily to my individual needs and habits. Data shall be up-to-date and available  where I need them for my work.

Remote connection and Cloud

Variable operation on premises with the option of remote connection and secure  Cloud operation

Control and validation tool

You will get tools which will help you to prevent errors and duplications

Automatic updates

Automated updates without the need for administrative interventions at user's client stations

Partner references

We connect our information systems with a network of certified partners

Put your data in context

Business Intelligence provides an overview of your organisation's data.

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