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Advantage of HELIOS Open Partnership

The HELIOS Open partner network brings together companies focused on supplying economic and ERP systems. The goal of the cooperation is to offer a quality solution to the highest number of clients from various industries.


25 years of experience with successful managing our partner network.


Open communication and fair treatment under all circumstances.


GOLD and SILVER Partner status for our most valuable partners is yet another opportunity to get market visibility


We are always available for consultations, you can resolve anything you need everyday.


Together with our partners, we process more than 300 HELIOS system implementations per year

Marketing support

We offer the image of a strong label and financial support of our partners' own marketing activities.


Knowledge sharing and providing support for resolving business cases. We have a system for training and certifying the employees of our partners, we are involved in their professional growth.

Competitive advantage

For many years, HELIOS information systems have ranked among sought-after and client-preferred solutions for small, medium-large and large companies.

Certification Partners

Our partners obtain a status that reflects the level of cooperation achieved and the duration of this cooperation. We appreciate the quality and responsible approach of our partners

HELIOS Gold Partner

- very good level of cooperation
- excellent results in sales and support for our products
- stable background supported by long-term cooperation
- experience with many implementations

HELIOS Silver Partner

- good level of cooperation
- good results in sales and support for our products
- stable background

HELIOS Partner

- default partner status
- the partner meets the demanding requirements for certification and cooperation, guaranteeing clients will receive quality services

HELIOS partners

AMI Plus, s.r.o.

AMI Plus, s.r.o.

FIRST information systems, s.r.o.

FIRST information systems, s.r.o.

Gatema IT a.s.

Gatema IT a.s.

iKOMPLET s.r.o.

iKOMPLET s.r.o.

INFO NOVA, s.r.o.

INFO NOVA, s.r.o.



Knowsoft, s.r.o.

Knowsoft, s.r.o.

NESOS a.s.

NESOS a.s.

NVSP, a.s.

NVSP, a.s.

Popron Systems s.r.o.

Popron Systems s.r.o.

ASG solutions SE

d2B s.r.o.

ECOdate s.r.o.

HD Consulting s.r.o.

I.S.T. spol. s r.o.

IF System Helios, s.r.o.

Ing. Jiří Herinek

JTV CZ, s.r.o.

KOSTAX spol. s r.o.

MK FINECO s.r.o.

mm computer s.r.o.

PC HELP, a.s.

STAPRO Liberec software, s.r.o.

AKK economy s.r.o.

Aldor s.r.o.

Aleš Volráb

Amikon.CZ s.r.o.

Amulet plus, s.r.o.

Ansuz, s.r.o.


Benson Solutions s.r.o.

BIPower, s.r.o.

BONUM - REPRO s.r.o.


CATHEDRAL Software, s.r.o.

Celní software s.r.o.

CRM NITRA, s.r.o.

DataExpert s.r.o.

DATAMIX Solutions s.r.o.



EFG CZ spol. s r.o.

ExtraNet Slovakia, s.r.o.

FLUX, spol.s r.o.

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HELIOS Indirect Sales Manager

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