A modern solution for comprehensive management of your documents

Why use our Records Management Software RMS

With Spiska you will get a comprehensive document management service starting with the initial records - when records enter your organisation, through processing, all the way to shredding. Spiska complies with all legislative requirements of NSESSS for Records Management Softwares.

National standard

All processes are strictly recorded in line with the relevant national standard applicable to electronic records management systems (NSESSS).

Framework od the day

You will get a record of daily activities, or a day shot according to NSESSS.

Electronic signature

Adding an electronic signature, seal and time stamp, as well as verification of a qualified electronic signature of EU countries in line with the eIDAS regulation.

Archiving format

Conversion of electronic attachments into archiving format PDF/A-2B, including conversion and verification endorsements, or the Digital Shredding Procedure.

Register integration

Connection to ISDS for full electronic communication, full integration with ISZR for maintaining data relevance. Connection to CzechPoint.

Easy connection

Open interface allowing integration with third party solutions.

Comprehensibility is important for us

When incorporating the legislative requirements, we try to make our solutions user friendly in order to ensure that using the document management service will be easy for you. Therefore our solution enables:

  • versioning of documents with full-text search through Files, Documents, Movements and Attachments
  • workflow processing to streamline processes and make them more efficient
  • colour distinction of written documents
  • creation of your own templates
  • statistical reports in the form of graphical representation
  • display of the subject - applicant/addressee on a map
  • full integration into MS Office

Spiska Records Management Software RMS in a mobile device

As the only supplier on the market, we also offer a unique technical solution of document management for mobile devices. Our solution will enable you to perform selected transactions and document operations in a responsive mode.

For managers

You will get an overview of unprocessed documents and files with expired deadlines regarding individual departments and employees.

For IT administrators

Simply administer the assigned user authorisations, and you can also immediately reset passwords.

For users

To speed up the processes, use easy transfer of a document or file directly for handling, or its transfer to a different department - document management unit. Supports event workflow, i.e. approval of a document for dispatch.

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