Support for HELIOS products

Our team of experts will smoothen the deployment of your information system. From initial studies to repair services.

Help with a specific product

If you need remote management, download the Program Team Viewer program for remote support!

Hold online meetings with the  TeamViewer.


Do you want to cover new business needs?


Do you want to cover new business needs?

Ostatní produkty

All products are subject to the General Business Terms and Conditions.

Support from HELIOS specialists

PWe will perform the analysis, ensure the implementation, execute testing, support operation, and guarantee servicing.

Pre-implementation support

Our support includes mapping out and analysing company processes for the customer and proposing the optimal solution.

Information system deployment analysis

With an initial study or detailed analysis, you become confident that the information system will comply with all your needs.

Audit and IT infrastructure design
Test the configuration of your hardware and software and get detailed information about critical areas of your existing infrastructure.
HW and SW supply, installation and configuration
Take advantage of having the comfort of your information system environment installed and configured directly by the developer. We are prepared to supply optimally installed hardware and software and configure it to fit your operation.
Implementing the information system and managing the project
The deployment of the new information system will be quick and effective. We will provide a team of professional consultants led by an experienced project manager that will ensure the smooth deployment of the system.
Financing options
We offer a wide range of financing options for the information system, for example leasing, instalments, renting or grant funding.
Warranty without limits
PYou will have the supplier's undivided support throughout the entire duration that your company will be using our information system. The support concerns related services as well as necessary legislative updates. The precondition is the payment of a regular system support fee based on the approved contract.
SQL Runtime licence
An SQL server license offered exclusively for operating the HELIOS database and access from the HELIOS application. The SQL server, therefore, has licence limitations, not functional limitations. The licence cannot be used for an SQL server where other SQL databases and applications are running. The second significant limitation is the "downgrade" ban. If you are interested in receiving more information, a quotation or supply of these licenses, feel free to contact us at any time:

Information system operation support

POur top experts will be at your disposal throughout the entire time you use the information system.

Adapting the system, customization

Do not be afraid to approach us with your individual requests. Our team of consultants and operating programmers handle requests that are not covered by standard system functionality and on a daily basis.

Computer network administration

Join companies benefiting from their computer network being managed by Asseco Solutions technicians. Our team of technicians will ensure your system runs trouble free and always promptly and successfully resolve any issues.

Information system operation monitoring
Prevent troubles. Monitoring server operation is an alternative to computer network administration. Regular reports uncover critical areas in your infrastructure and propose options for removing these issues.
Audit on company information use
Get your information system involved in company processes. Have the efficiency of your system configuration and the possibility of utilizing all available features checked.
Audit on information system operation
Treat yourself to a hardware and software configuration test. Gain confidence on whether or not your system will meet your needs in the years to come.
Accounting consulting and book-keeping
Join the companies which take advantage of experienced financial accountants and payroll clerks of Asseco Solutions. We will take care of your entire agenda, whether it be at our company, or on-site at your company.
ISDOC Viewer
For many information system users, ISDOC is the ideal solution for electronic communication between the supplier and client. The ISDOC Viewer allows you to easily display and print documents in isdoc/isdocx format. 

User support

HELIOS system users are our partners who we try to support in all areas.

Employee training

ZLearn new things and deepen the knowledge you already have. Choose from a wide range of training sessions and webinars.

Self-education and knowledge sharing

Be up to speed and use on-line help, guidance and the knowledge base. Be in contact with other users via the discussion board.

Hotline and remote administration
KContact our specialists by e-mail or use the phone hotlines. Your requests will be handled efficiently via remote access and immediate intervention directly within your company.
Regular consultations
You system is a key source of company information - give it the care it deserves. Regular visits by our specialists will help prevent issues, deepen the knowledge of your employees, plan any expenses and save costs.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
We offer an exclusive service level agreement with guaranteed availability. Our experts are always ready to dedicate themselves to your specific implementation.