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How was it solved at KODAP?

Software tool for top quality accounting

Tax consultancy and outsourcing of accounting and payroll processing.

These are the activities KODAP specialises in, a tax consultancy group that was established in 1994 as a part of the ETL Global Group.

With its 190 employees, KODAP was ranked 12th in the sector within the entire Czech Republic in 2020.

The HELIOS Orange information system from Asseco Solutions has helped the company management and all of the company’s employees in their work since 1998. Today the reins have been taken over by its successor – HELIOS iNuvio

“At our company we use the HELIOS system for accounting and processing of clients’ payroll, as well as a system for accounting and management of some internal processes.”
Vlastimil Sojka Executive Director of Kodap

In his words, at the time that the group management decided which system to buy, they evaluated HELIOS as a maximally scaled ERP system allowing collective administration and settings of client databases.

It was also important that the system was able to effectively keep accounts for very small clients as well, and to provide a wide ERP service for large companies. Another important requirement was that the supplier should be strong and stable enough.

Connection to more 1 200 client databases

Connection to 14 company offices

Tens of saved hours every month

“In the 1990s, it was not the same migration as the one conducted now,” recollects Vlastimil Sojka.

“When we introduced the new HELIOS system at that time, new settings of client databases had to be carried out and initial statuses taken over. From our perspective, migration from HELIOS Orange to HELIOS iNuvio was even more important. Because this process concerned approx. 1,200 various accounting databases in 14 KODAP offices. This process required approx. 70 working days of our IT specialist. But we assess its course and results very positively, there were not any major problems,” adds Sojka.

Complete digitalisation

The modern HELIOS iNuvio system enables the Group to manage the methodology centrally, to set the charts, code lists, automated account assignment. The system facilitates the implementation with new clients. Thanks to the system, all changes in the settings can be made centrally for all databases of KODAP clients at the same time and thus can react to changes in legislation or customer requirements.

“The system is open for various types of automation and now helps us with complete digitalisation of document circulation both with clients and internally at our company.”
Vlastimil Sojka Executive Director of Kodap

“We also see savings in digitalisation of communication with clients, where the monthly ritual of manual handover of paper documents is gradually not required,” says Vlastimil Sojka. “We think that the possibilities of the HELIOS iNuvio system are very wide, and we are currently trying to enlarge our technical capacities of specialists specialised in IT and accounting. The aim is to present other options and modules of the system to our clients and offer them tools for better management of their businesses, even beyond accounting, payroll processing and human resource management. These are primarily logistics, transportation, manufacturing management, wholesale and retail operations and others."

Payroll for big clients

All key areas and modules of the system have been implemented both in the Group and with the clients, including the web user interface. The people there also connect external solutions to iNuvio as necessary, for example Workflow, RON or reporting systems, such as, rekap, Power BI or our own client reporting portal of economic service (KODAP PES).

“We value highly the payroll module, which is sophisticated and robust, suitable for big clients as well,” says Vlastimil Sojka, adding: “We also find very valuable, in comparison with competitors, the module for keeping property records and property depreciation."

In his words, the top professionals there also rate highly the big instrumentation which HELIOS iNuvio provides in various analyses and previews from data. The tools for the solution of purchases or sales ledger of various accounts and matching of payments are also regarded as excellent. In the case of manual entries of accounting operations, KODAP specialists do not find benefits of iNuvio for a higher productivity of work. In his opinion, iNuvio will ensure savings of work in particular to companies with lots of documents in the document series where it is easier to use the benefits of automation. There, in comparison with manual entries, time savings up to tens of hours per month can be achieved. 

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HELIOS iNuvio will also help you


A fundamental need of every business is to have accounting and financial management properly organised and solved. iNuvio can solve this problem now and every day.

KODAP employees can rely on fully functional invoicing, cash register, VAT recording, bookkeeping and many more tools.

All of those with the aid of Business Intelligence, a management overview which is a native part of HELIOS iNuvio. 

Client portal

There are solutions that need to be tailored to client needs and cannot be made based on a universal template.

At KODAP, their own client reporting portal of economic service is used.

HELIOS iNuvio counts on full connection to your existing solution. Should you need advice regarding further, subsequent solutions, we are ready to help you.


Payroll management may be demanding, nevertheless it a routine which needs to be carried out every month. 

Employees of KODAP, however, have a good tool that will reliably solve these problems and help them with everything.

Do you also work in a system which will solve the payroll management with just a few clicks. 

Rinkai route planning

Optimise the transportation routes directly from your iNuvio. And how does this connection work?

We will connect HELIOS iNuvio directly to the solution of Rinkai Route Planning.

We will provide you with map services directly in your HELIOS iNuvio. You can plan the routes in advance, comfortably in your iNuvio.

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