Get to know economics in HELIOS Fenix

The economic subsystem is composed of numerous, mutually closely connected functionalities most of which may also be operated separately. The work of all functionalities is operated in a common database which ensures smooth sharing of common information.

A number of adjustable parameters, enables adjusting the task to the user’s work and practices. One of the basic parameters of the owner is the option to set the accounting sentence, where, in addition to the mandatory data for organisations using budgetary accounting, the organisational structure is also displayed. User components for monitoring of other significant information, for example events, may also be incorporated there.

In the HELIOS Fenix system, many typical accounting sentences for budgetary and state-funded organisations are predefined. For a user with special requirements, a new accounting sentence can be created according to the user’s specific order.

For modern operation of organisations

The HELIOS Fenix information system will offer you other products for effective running of your office as well. The Contracts module enables users to keep comprehensive electronic records of contracts. This module supports the processes of contract creation and approving, manages the following contract life cycle, including conclusion of amendments or changes of the contractual partner, automatically monitors the contract expiry and subsequent renewal or termination of the contractual relationship.

Cemetery provides comprehensive information support for keeping records and management of cemeteries. This predominantly means keeping records of graves, people who rent or co-rent graves, correspondence with these people, creation and keeping records of rental agreements and agreements for provision of related services, and many other functions. This module of the HELIOS Fenix information system is designed in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 256/2001 Coll., on cremation and burial services, in particular with the requirements of this Act for keeping records related to the operation of a public graveyard and provisions of this Act regarding the use of grave locations.

For easy property management

The Property module includes keeping records, accounting and management of fixed tangible and intangible assets - previously ZP (records of fixed assets) and low value tangible and intangible assets - previously PPS and DKP (records of low value assets) and assets kept in operational records.

A supplement to the Property module is the property barcode support. It is to be used for inventory counts by collection and evaluation of the data regarding property that is marked with inventory barcode labels, using a Pocket PC equipped with a barcode reader.

The Warehouse module enables keeping warehouse records in several warehouses, using the FIFO method or average cost method. All standard inventory operations can be carried out, such as receipt, issue, transfer, credit/debit notes and others. In warehouses inventory counts according to effective legislation can be carried out, it is also possible to prepare a list of the current status in the form of a file or printing report at any time, or of the status at the end of any of the previous periods. For delivery of requested materials, an order can be issued to suppliers, where the application also monitors the inventory level with an option to define the minimum inventory.

Niche products

Communication Component of Basic Registers - Arranges the access to the public interface of the Information System of Basic Registers (ISBR) to the products belonging to the HELIOS family. Provides the public interface for third party products. Creates conditions for secure access to data processing in accordance with the effective legislation. Enables access only to registered and authorised agendas and users. And last but not least, monitors and keeps records of access to the ISBR services in a scope required by the legislation.

The solution comprehensiveness can be documented by the process of working with information in the time period from the beginning of its generation to the end, including sharing and use of the information in other processes.

HELIOS View - Get access to registers easily and fast.

Do you need to verify persons in basic registers and do you have users whose information system is not connected to the Information System of Basic Registers (ISBR)? Are you tired of repeated renewal of commercial certificates for access to the basic registers via Czech POINT to workers? Do you perform various tasks whose performance is not supported by any information system, or the system is not connected to ISBR?

HELIOS View will enable the administration of selected data of the basic register of agendas of public authorities and some rights and duties. It will also ensure performance of any other duties imposed on public authorities by the Act on basic registers and other legislation.

Thanks to HELIOS View, the users have fast and easy access to information from basic registers. The access is intended both for users of the HELIOS system and for users of third party systems.

For users of the HELIOS system, HELIOS View serves as an add-on of the Communication Component of Basic Registers and the Identity Management functionalities. Its main advantage is that the web application can be used by users who are connected to ISBR, as well as by users of other functionalities who have not implemented the access to ISBR.

HELIOS View is also intended for public authorities that do not use any of the HELIOS information systems. With the aid of the Communication Component of Basic Registers and the Identity Management, HELIOS View can work independently of other HELIOS products.

Well-arranged and intuitive management of information regarding the ongoing proceedings. From the offered list of activities, the user can always choose the one that he/she intends to do at the particular time. The application does not hamper the user’s activities in any way, it will only notify the user of an improper sequence of activities.

Portál úředníka (Clerk Portal)

A communication information portal designed for storing information and sharing the office means from various sources in one common place. It enables the office employees to store, search for and use information from one environment through a known internet browser, in a way that every user normally uses for browsing the internet.


An option of full-text search over the stored information – records and documents

The solution modularity and scope tailored to your needs

Integration of processes across departments and their transfer to automated Workflows

Document management support, document versioning, common work over documents, document reservation

An option to create applications with your own logic in order to simplify the work of users

Extending the solutions without necessary support by the supplier

Functional solutions without further costs for purchasing the license for Microsoft SharePoint Server versions

Unique technical solution

We will adapt to your needs

We are ready to implement a solution that will meet your requirements for the information system to the maximum extent. In cooperation with you, we will perform an analysis of the current and expected target state, technical security, possibilities and processes of the office. We will design and implement the appropriate solution that will fully satisfy you.