A warehouse in large company must work like a well-lubricated machine.

Warehouse main features

Primary function

A warehouse in large company must work like a well-lubricated machine. There is no room for error and everything must be thought through and precisely calculated. Thanks to Nephrite, your warehouse will be even more efficient.

Keeping records

Keeping full records of inventory, goods and materials in individual warehouses and locations. Various methods of inventory valuation, FIFO, or at the average price, and tracking their batch, expiration, serial numbers, quality and variants. Ensures posting of primary documents directly according to presetting, and control of the flow of all documents for the entire business process.

Warehouse types

HELIOS Nephrite offers various dimensions and types of warehouses, for example warehouses designed for complaint or commission inventories. You will also appreciate the use of EDI communication.

Central purchasing

Thanks to central purchasing, you will fully manage the relationships with your suppliers. Recording of orders, optimisation, reservation, receipt, matching and cost ratio.

Control of relationships

The system will take over the control of relationships with your customers.  It will generate the related documents, delivery notes, invoices and their payments. Applies pricing, bonuses, discounts.


Logistics is integrated to the subsequent transportation, which covers recording of vehicles, planners of routes or individual transports.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How is the system different from products of our competitors?

We are a traditional company and from the beginning we have been designing the system for Czech and Slovak environments. In addition, we have our own innovation department and are constantly advancing the capabilities of the HELIOS Nephrite system. We pay attention to the functionality and to the real added value created by all innovations. You will receive a really functional solution from us, not just a package of fancy words that you cannot use. 

How is the migration from the HELIOS Green system to Nephrite done?

JIt is simple. Just sign the contract and the transition to the new system will take just a few days. In addition, we guarantee functionality and data retention of all existing Nephrite solutions. 
After migration, you will simply find your old data in the new environment.

How much does Nephrite cost?

We always provide a solution that is tailored to your needs. Without analysis of your processes we cannot estimate the price.  But the benefit to our customers is so crucial that you will already notice a return on your investment during the first years after implementation.

How long does the implementation of the HELIOS Nephrite system take?

Depending on your requirements, we usually talk in the order of months. We emphasize a perfect understanding of all internal company processes, so this part makes up the most of the time required to deploy the product.

How do we know that Nephrite is the optimal solution for us?

Our product portfolio also offers solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Our experts will quickly find out whether your company will benefit from HELIOS Nephrite - the most perfect and complete system on the market. Alternatively, you may benefit from other products where the price-performance ratio will be more beneficial for you.

Is it possible to try HELIOS Nephrite?

Of course. We have prepared a test environment with various data. We can provide this environment for your internal testing so you can get familiar with the capabilities of our Nephrite system. If you are interested in a demo version, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Are you interested in our services?

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