Case Study

HELIOS iNuvio investment was paid back just in 9 months.

Innovation and tradition

Since 1992, i.e. for more than 30 years, the history of an internationally successful, purely Czech company KOMA Modular has been written. The company is engaged in the production and realisation of modular construction of various types and possibilities of use. Since 2003 the HELIOS iNuvio information system from Asseco Solutions has been an invaluable software tool for its employees and management.

Koma Modular is based in Moravia, in Vizovice. Since its inception, it has grown and developed its portfolio and technology. This year, in 2023, it has 280 employees and is the market leader in modular construction. It focuses on customised construction for the B2B sector, i.e., delivery of office buildings, school buildings, hospitals, ski centres, cafés, etc.

Its buildings are characterised by high standards, excellent quality and perfect design. Koma Modular cooperates with designers and architects, the most famous of which is the architectural studio Chybik + Kristof, with whom it has been working for many years.

In 2007 Koma Modular became the first company in the Czech Republic to build a modular kindergarten. "I remember a time when people did not trust that children could go to a kindergarten from containers," recalls Stanislav Martinec, the founder, owner and active director of the company. "They didn't understand at all that a modular building could be nice and not look like a container inside. That you can connect modules to create large, interconnected spaces and different interesting façades on the outside. Today we have over 100 kindergartens throughout Europe."

In 2020, the first Czech modular hospital pavilion was built in Karviná, and in 2022 the world's first modular airport was built in Senegal, Africa.

58 implemented modules and functionalities

More than 100 corporate users

Modern platform NNTB

From Vizovice to EXPO and back again

Development and innovation are important values for KOMA Modular. That's why it has built its own Modularity Development and Innovation Centre, where it develops new products, focuses on special and complicated projects, using new materials and taking modularity to the next level.

At the company's headquarters, which is a rebuilt pavilion from EXPO 2015 in Milan, you will find both production lines and the administrative part of the company.

The company has a Prague branch called KOMA Rent, which is in charge of the rental fleet for the Czech Republic. In Slovakia, there is Koma Slovakia in Nitra, which is responsible for our Slovak neighbour's sales and rentals. It has newly opened a branch KOMA Senegal in Africa.

For accounting and production

"We have been using the HELIOS information system since 2003," says Ing. Luděk Ohnoutek, Process Manager at KOMA Modular, and he adds: "At present, I use HELIOS iNuvio on a daily basis to check the status of orders, I prepare documents for production planning and export data for simulation software. I also provide support to other users for its use, alternatively I process assignments for user modifications."

Ing. Luděk Ohnoutek

Head of Innovation and Processes

The system was implemented in KOMA Modular at the end of 2002. After analysis and key user training, at the very end of the year the data was imported from the accounting software that was used until the end of 2002. Accounting and warehouses were the first to use the new system. "By the end of March, we introduced order registration and tender processing in Helios, which had until then been created in Excel," recalls Luděk Ohnoutek. 

"We implemented the Technical production module preparation in the second year of using Helios. Subsequently, we introduced the Production control module in about the third year of using the software. We later introduced the remaining modules including Property, HR, Service, Customs cases, Intrastat and QMS."
Ing. Luděk Ohnoutek Head of Innovation and Processes

Three quarters of a year return

Today, if you ask Ing. Ohnoutek what the HELIOS iNuvio information system brings them in terms of company processes, he will answer you, "I consider the benefits of the introduction of the HELIOS information system to be very high. After the first three-quarters of a year of operation, our owner declared that we'd already paid for this information system.

As far as the company's processes are concerned, the information system itself standardizes and clarifies the processes. Every user can find the data they need for their work in it. It is also used to control processes, such as the process of passing the order through the company. In this area it provides an overview of the current status of the contract processing and meeting the deadlines. In HELIOS we have also developed a large number of user extensions from the company ASG Solutions."

Almost all modules offered by the HELIOS iNuvio system are currently used at KOMA Modular.

"Apart from the compulsory accounting module, I would like to highlight the contribution of the Technical production preparation and Production control modules, which are prepared at a very high level."
Ing. Luděk Ohnoutek Head of Innovation and Processes

Vision, not sci-fi

Of course, the company Koma Modular has plans for its further development, also in the context of the development of the Helios iNuvio system.

Mr Ohnoutek concludes by saying: "We have recently supplemented HELIOS with automated collection of information about the position of modules on the production line. And in the future, we want to use HELIOS iNuvio as a data source for planning with the Plant Simulation software. Last but not least, we are planning to create a company web portal displaying information for production management, which will also be drawn from the HELIOS system."

Get inspired by KOMA

HELIOS iNuvio can also help you in the following areas.


A fundamental need of every business is to have accounting and financial management properly solved. iNuvio solves this problem today and every day.

KOMA MODULAR employees can thus rely on fully functional invoicing, cash register, VAT records, and much more.

All of those in a management overview of Business Intelligence, which is a native part of HELIOS iNuvio 


Correct navigation through your warehouse stocks and warehouse management is a standard feature in HELIOS iNuvio.

At KOMA MODULAR, they have so many packages to transport that without a proper system, the whole system would quickly collapse.

Work in a clear structure and utilise a number of tweaks that will help you to save time.